Mothman Fact or Fiction

So now we arrive at the point of the trip that begins to hold my interest the most. This is the first of two locations that I believe are perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia

20160902_210103With a population of around 4400 this is a small but very quaint little town that is primarily know for the Mothman legend.

 For those who may not be aware of the legend here is a quick synopsis.  In Clendenin, West Virginia on November 12, 1966 this large white flying man like creature with  a ten foot wing span and glowing red eyes was first spotted by five men digging a grave in a local cemetery . Then seen by two young couples in the “TNT ” area of Point Pleasant on November 15, 1966.

Over the course of the next few days there were numerous reports from other people with  similar sightings.

Then tragedy struck the town of Point Pleasant on December 15, 1967 when the Silver Bridge collapsed killing 46 people. It is this one incident that has given creation to the legend as some have speculated that the Mothman himself was a prophetic creature coming to foretell of the tragedy that had yet to unfold. Yet there are others that say it was nothing more than a Sandhill Crane, which is a large bird with red coloring around the eyes.

I personally am extremely skeptical whether the creature exists or doesn’t in large part because it has never been sighted again. I have wondered since hearing the original story if maybe this was something created by a town to make it’s very own spot on the map. But whether it is real or it isn’t Point Pleasant takes it very serious and has even erected a statue that stands in the middle of town, which of course is why we arrived in the first place.