Strawberry Filled Cupcakes covered with Ganache and a Chocolate Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting


I wanted to put this up on Valentines Day, but have just been so busy with the store I didn’t have the time. So I hope that you enjoy them now.



1 Strawberry Cake Mix

(prepared according to the box)


4 oz. cream cheese, softened

1/2 stick of butter, softened

5 strawberries, pureed

1 tbsp. strawberry jelly, jam, or preserves

2 c. powdered sugar


4 oz. semi sweet chocolate, finely chopped

5 oz. heavy whipping cream

( to only do half of your cupcakes, just cut this in half)

Chocolate Strawberry Frosting:

8 oz. cream cheese, softened

1 stick of butter, softened

3 cups powdered sugar

4 strawberries, pureed

1/2 tbsp. strawberry jelly, jam, or preserves

1 ts. vanilla

1 sm box of chocolate instant pudding 


Prepare cupcakes according to cake mix box and bake. Then let cool. 

For Filling: Beat cream cheese and butter together, until fluffy.  Add pureed strawberries and strawberry jam, jelly, or preserves; mix well.  Gradually add in powdered sugar. Once cupcakes have cooled, fill each center of cupcake with piping bag and filling tip.

For Ganache: Place chocolate and heavy whipping cream into a microwave safe bowl and heat on high for 30 seconds.  Remove and stir.  Heat again for another 30 seconds, stir until chocolate is completely melted.  

Take cupcakes and dip them, so that the top is completely cover.  Shake off any excess. Let set for at least 10 minutes so that ganache can set up. I, myself,  actually let them set over night.

For Chocolate Strawberry Frosting: Place butter  and cream cheese in mixer and beat for 2 minutes.  Pour in pureed strawberries and add strawberry jam, jelly, or preserves; beat together.  In another small bowl mix powdered sugar and chocolate pudding;  add gradually.  Add vanilla and then whip on medium speed until very light and fluffy.

Pipe onto ganache covered cupcakes.

Garnish with Strawberry Flowers or slices.


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