Frosted Glass Mason Jars


We are crafters by nature and are always on the hunt for new things to try. Of course painted Mason Jars have been a hot trend for a while and they are great but I love the look of the frosted glass mason jars especially for the holiday season. This project intimidated me but it’s simple and super inexpensive so I want to share it with you, if you have a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday and a few bucks you can totally do this!
I got my mason jars at the Dollar tree for…yep a dollar a piece. Not a bad deal at all so I picked up 3 jars, also at the Dollar tree ( love the Dollar tree, can you tell) I found this thick foam with an adhesive backing which turned out, worked great as a stencil for my snowflakes.

I picked up some frosted glass spray paint and I was ready to get to work


I printed out a snowflake stencil and drew it on my foam and cut out my foam snowflakes


I added the snowflakes to my mason jar, the adhesive backing made this part so much easier


For this next part, you will want to do this outside and paper everything that you do not want frosted. Trust me, I did this on my patio table and I now have a frosted glass patio table. So, take these bad boys outside and give them an even coat all the way around. I applied four coats and it needs about 10 minutes to dry between coats


After they dry just pull off the sticky snowflake stencils, add some stones, a battery operated tea light and some ribbon around the top and Voila!! Look at you, you crafty thing!



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